2019: What a Year!

With 2020 clearly in sight, Jones Companies family members took a trip down memory lane. Enjoy these peeks into the year that was 2019.


By Crystal Rayfield, Check Into Cash Business Analyst

Cleveland, TN—I had my second daughter, Harper Elise Phelps, on May 2, 2019. Here she is with her sister, Hayden Elizabeth Phelps.


By Andrea Gonzales, Check Into Cash Center 9012 (616 West Hammer Lane)Assistant Manager

Stockton, CA—In my spare time, I enjoy painting and mixed mediums. I had the opportunity to have two of my canvases on display here in downtown Stockton at the CAB building with the Art Expressions of San Joaquin.

I also try as much as possible to be involved at the Mexican Heritage Center, where I had three of my mixed-medium pieces on display for the Dia de Los Muertos festival. From there, they were taken to the Murphy, Caliifornia, Day of the Dead Festival for display! Painting and makeup are my passions! It's soothing for the soul.


By Lynette Shall, Check Into Cash Center 9080 (179 Lake Boulevard) Customer Service Representative

Redding, CA—The most memorable thing this year for our family was moving from Riverside to Redding and getting a job at Check Into Cash!


By Jessica Richeson, Check Into Cash Center 2 (1217 Congress Parkway South) Customer Service Representative

Athens, TN—2019 was an awesome year for me. I gained a lot of weight after I quit smoking seven years ago. I also developed type 2 diabetes. I struggled to lose the weight for years.

In July, I finally worked up the courage to join a weight-loss competition at a local gym. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done! I was the very last person to finish workouts. It was so embarrassing, but I kept going.

Eventually, the hard work paid off, and I won the competition, winning $1,200, losing 45 pounds, and defeating diabetes!

Now my husband has jumped on the bandwagon, and he's already off his blood pressure medication!

I'm going into 2020 a brand new person with an awesome job at Check into Cash!


By Sarah Gold, Check Into Cash Center 3026 (2901 Jackson Street) Manager

Paducah, KY—I was hired on March 23, 2019 as an Assistant Manager and became Store Manager on August 28, 2019. Then I got married on November 6, 2019, and got a home!


By Penny Raver, Check Into Cash Center 2051 (1631 North Cass Street) Manager

Wabash, IN—I had the privilege of getting a job at Check Into Cash in Wabash, IN.  I love this job and enjoy working for this company and for Wayne Hendrickson.


By Courtney Stout, Check Into Cash Center 2081 (1531 G Street) Assistant Manager

Bedford, IN—This has been a very eventful year for me, but the one event that stands out the best is I conquered kidney failure!


By Adam Wilkie, Check Into Cash SEM Specialist

Cleveland, TN—The year may be winding down, but what about the decade? You should ask what everyone’s accomplished or experienced in this DECADE, [DEROGATORY COMMENT EDITED OUT TO MAINTAIN THE COURIER'S HIGH STANDARDS OF CLASS].


By Dawn McDaniel, Check Into Cash VAAC Manager

Cleveland, TN—2019 has been an intoxicating, soul-stirring year for me and my family!

It started off as any other year, but didn’t stay that way for long. For starters, we unexpectedly sold our home of ten years in April. This was the plan after Trae graduated high school in 2021, but I probably would have stayed in the house no matter how big our family grew because it was home and held so many memories.

However, God had a plan and we were able to bless Trae’s wrestling coach Josh Bosken, his wife, and their four kids with our home. So, the saying “You can never go home again” doesn’t apply to us. The situation couldn’t have been more perfect. They needed four bedrooms, the garage was already equipped with wrestling mats, and we had celebrated birthdays and hosted their gender reveal for the twins all at our home, so it was perfect!

In August, my daughter, Tiffany Montgomery, graduated nursing school with honors and then bought another house one mile from Trae and me! Little did I know, they had another surprise.

Well, I wasn't looking forward to turning 40 in October, but that changed when Tiffany told me I would be a grandmother! Baby is due May 4, 2020, and I am eagerly waiting to meet my granddaughter, Benzley Adison Montgomery, “Little BAM”, in the next few months.

In November, my son, Trae, was recruited and accepted to USMA, United States Military Academy, Army-West Point. So on November 15, we boarded a plane and headed to New York for a visit. November 16, Trae verbally commited to West Point, where he will attend West Point Preparatory School for one year, basic training, and then pursue his education at West Point, thereafter serving his country.

As a mom, I have experienced every emotion possible this year! The amount of pride, honor, and excitement is almost unbearable at times. But we are embracing each new chapter, adventure, and plan God has for us.


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