COVID-Induded Changes

How the new virus and the social distancing it has brought about is changing life for Jones Companies family members.


"I never realized before this pandemic, how affectionate I am! I rely on actions to convey my feelings, and now I have to use my words only. I hear a sad story, and my first response is to touch  a hand, wipe tear, rub a back. I hear good news, and my first response is to touch a hand, grab an arm, pat a back. This has been a hard adjustment, but social distancing has probably kept me safe. I got a text message from an old friend who jokingly said, 'This would be great time to see you, you can't touch me.'  (She's not a hugger.)

"I've had to make up for not being able to touch by listening closer, speaking softer, and keeping facial expressions in check. So as we go through this, please check on your  touchy friends. We are not okay!"—Angela "iHug" Meredith, Manager at Check Into Cash Center 13016 (2240 Rabbit Drive, Tupelo, MS)

"This Pandemic has NOT changed my life in any significant way.

"I carry on as usual: treating customers like family, helping them the 'Check into Cash Way' by putting myself in their shoes, and greeting every customer with a smile!

"We can't let this situation get the better of us!"—Shannon Wolfe, Manager of Check Into Cash Center 35028 (1918 East 17th Avenue Hutchinson, KS)

"This is a great opportunity to strengthen our business and help our customers. We have already improved our business recovery and continuity plans. A couple of weeks ago few people would have imagined that we would be able to support our work force working from home but in short time we’ve been able to work through some technical challenges and help ensure that everyone can be as productive as possible. I’m also encouraged by the opportunity to get ahead while others are distracted. For instance, I spoke to a CIO of one of our competitors and they are scrambling to figure out how to stay in business while we are meeting as a senior leadership team to refine our business strategy and move the company forward through these trying times.

"We are very focused and working hard to provide technology solutions that will help Retail and Online Operations serve our customers which in turn serves our employees and the entire enterprise. The rollout of the new Loan Management System called Vergent has great momentum and we will keep this going. This is the time to come together as a team. If there is anything that IT can do to help, we are here (even if remote) to do our part to help the entire Check Into Cash Team.

"While our competition is distracted, let’s stay focused on how we can serve our customers and each other. This too shall pass and we’ll be in a stronger position to serve.

"Stay safe!"—Sean Datcher, Check Into Cash Chief Technology Officer

"In order to keep our spirits up in all the craziness my stepdad and I try to make a game out of finding things that we need at the store. We always bet lunch or a couple bucks on how many stores it is going to take us to go to in order to find everything that is on the shopping list we have. Here recently we went to three different store looking for just three items!"—Morgan Murphy, Manager at Check Into Cash Center 2081 (1531 G Street, Bedford, IN)

"Thank you for letting me vent some of my motherly frustrations on you.

"Since this viral epidemic has come upon us, it's made me more aware of my germ phobia. I tried to stock up on TP but only managed to swipe up two large packs of Charmin. My main concern is baby wipes and diapers. UGH! I've been forced to use the cheaper ones and my son's diaper leaks every. Single. Night.

"I have 10 times more laundry to do everyday now. I already owned several quantities of Lysol Wipes and Sprays from having a 12-year-old stepdaughter, whom I've raised since she was 5, and a 3-year-old son. My daughter has 10 times more homework and I have to check in with her teachers every day and check her in on this app for school.

"My son goes to daycare in Tennessee, and they are still open. My daughter, however, is forced to stay at home alone because we moved from Tennessee to Kentucky two years ago.

"As a result, we don't have any family or friends who can babysit for us. My parents and the father of my children all work in Tennessee except for me and my girl goes to school in Kentucky. Luckily I'm only eight minutes away from my home and have surveillance cameras all over the inside and outside of our home that I can watch from an app on my phone while at work. I take steps every day to keep my family as safe as I possibly can. Honestly my son washes his hands 10 times every evening to make sure he gets all the germs off. LOL My preteen, on the other hand, has to be told 10 times to do it once. LOL

"I'd love, love, LOVE to stay home with my babies, especially right now since I'm in the middle of remodeling my home along with some painting, but I'm not just a mom I'm a Working Mom!

"That said, I have to say I'm very blessed and thankful for my job, my family, and my home. We are hoping to plan a trip to Dollywood in the near future after all this dies down."—Megan Malicoat, Customer Service Representative at Check Into Cash Center 3038 (429 North 12th Street, Middlesboro, KY)

"As an employee, I believe we should be supporting a paid two-week shut down to prevent any possible virus and protecting our families and customers, since in our community we are surrounded and have kids that we go home to. We are putting them at risk with those that come into our store. That alone has become a mental stress on us and our families.

"Emotionally and personally, it has affected me greatly in the one area that is most important to me and my family: our churches have been closed down and we cannot get together to meet, which is what gives us that push, motivation and fuel for our lives/jobs that we go to  throughout the week.

"On a positive note, I've decided to prepare as much as I can to be ready for what is coming. I know we will get through this pandemic. May God continue to bless us and help us move forward and strong. Now is the time to be extra diligent with our health and finances and to value what/who we have, because we do not know what tomorrow will bring."—Hilda Acosta, Manager at Check Into Center 2026 (2320 Teal Road, Lafayette, IN)

"My life has changed dramatically. I am 53 years old, and I currently have my two elderly parents residing with me. My days and nights have been filled with worry and stress, not to mention I have been trying my best to keep up with their needs, such as picking up their prescriptions and groceries. I also manage a branch in Redwood City, California. I also have a 13-year-old daughter who is currently residing with her father in another county in California and haven't been able to see her since the sheltering took effect. As like everyone who is respectful, I have been very understanding of social distancing and have kept myself and my family safe and healthy.

"Stay well and safe."—Diana Collette, Manager at Check Into Cash Center 9054 (2537-B El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA)

"The coronavirus hasn't affected me much besides the fact that I'm not allowed to go out unless it's for work. When I come back home from work I have to take off my shoes and take a shower right away and make sure to wash my clothes. It's changed the way my lifestyle was of just getting home and laying down but my dad is a senior so it doesn't bother me knowing I'm protecting my family since I'm touching money all day and dealing with customers. I try to wash my hands after every customer and use hand sanitizer. I think Check Into Cash is doing a good job protecting our customers and workers."—Jennifer Perea Linthon, Customer Service Representative at Check Into Cash Center 9184 (14008 Beach Boulevard, Westminster, CA)

"My life has changed this past year anyway. I recently got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and this has affected my life in many ways. I already have depression, and to find this out was hard on my life. It was very hard within the first couple of months after my first 'attack.' That is what doctors call them when people with MS have an episode that attacks them and affects there day to day life.

"It affected my speech, the way I walked, the way I understand things, and overall who I was as a person. I changed as a person, and I adapted. MS affects your immune system, and I am learning more about it still to this day. It makes you have a weakened immune system, and so this has changed the way I am in the world.

"I try to be more cleanly anyways. As the coronavirus is going around, this is terrifying to me personally, and I cannot imagine others in my same condition. I am at a higher risk of death if I contract the disease. So I am trying to be cautious even more so as I go through this rough and scary time.

"I wash my hands as much as I can with soap and hand sanitizer. I try to clean after people leave the store. I try to keep my distance. I try and stay indoors as much as possible. It may be boring, but it is mandatory!

"I hope that others, even those without MS, are being this cautious for themselves, and for those who do have weakened immune systems. We all need to watch out for each other, because we are in this together! We can only take this one day at a time by staying calm."—Hilda Acosta, Manager at Check Into Cash Center 2026 (2320 Teal Road, Lafayette, IN)

"I'm getting horrible chemical burns from all the Clorox and Lysol I've been exposed to throughout the day. I have to limit myself on spending and going out. I haven't seen friends or family in over a week, and I've had to literally scavenge for essential things needed throughout the house: toilet paper, water, and cleaning supplies. It's WILD!"—Paloma Bravo Mendoza, Customer Service Representative at Check Into Cash Center 9227 (1571 N Sanborn Road, Salinas, CA)

"These past few weeks definitely have been strange and difficult. From learning about this COVID-19 virus that is new to me, being told that we all as a nation need to wash our hands more often and stay six feet away from each other to help reduce spreading it to one another, being told that we have to stay inside to quarantine, people's jobs being shutdown, people panicking and wiping out stores for food, toilet paper, etc., buying in bulk and leaving others without. It's crazy, and as I watch the news, talk to friends and family about all of this, see my work hours be cut, and physically just walk outside to store parking lots crowded with cars but nothing left inside the store I've been saying, 'We are really living in history right now.' All of this has changed my life in a way. Just to see how this virus has been affecting most of the world is scary to me. What I have been doing differently is washing my hands way more than often. I couldn't even tell you how many times I wash them in an hour. Almost after everything I touch. I also have been, just like everybody else, BUT being courteous of others and how much I'm buying, going to almost every grocery store you can think of for canned goods, toilet paper, paper towels, pasta noodles, bread, even instant lunch meals. All of it has been hard to find. People have even been taking so many pictures of empty store aisles! It's hard not to panic and stay calm when we all are scared, trying to stay prepared, healthy, and still have some money in our pockets. All of this is almost like a movie to me!

"What I am going to KEEP doing to stay positive is pray and have faith, stay healthy, staying home more, and if going outside staying six feet away from other people. We got this!"—Chantell Jones, Customer Service Representative at Check Into Cash Center 9017 (924 Admiral Callaghan Lane, Vallejo, CA)

"I am staying positive and putting my trust in God. God will sustain me through everything that is happening. We are staying safe and taking the necessary precautions. Never in all my years did I think I would see something like this."—Maggie Pendleton, Manager at Check Into Cash Center 3010 (2945 B9 Scottsville Road, Bowling Green, KY)

"Yes, life has surely changed for me and my family. My mom was diagnosed with the flu and was admitted to the hospital last week. This was very difficult for my sister and me. Mom has never stayed in the hospital alone since my father died. We set up an entire family chat on Messenger and all of my family has sung songs, made videos, and really encouraged each other.   We live very far apart from Colorado to Alabama and even to Japan. It has been a fun thing that we do nightly now. We have made a family commitment to keep this up after this virus is over. FAMILY MATTERS!!!"—Elizabeth Kaufman, Manager at Check Into Cash Center 24020 (1000 Beltline Road, Decatur, AL)


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