Lovebirds Tie the Knot


By Heather Lamoureux

Check Into Cash

Senior Analyst Analytics & Strategy

Cleveland, TN—We all need good news in these trying times, and one of our own got married recently!

However, that's not the whole story. How I found out about the marriage makes this story even greater.

Below is the IM trail between myself and Jonathan Brown, who works on my team as a Data Analyst at Check Into Cash.


Me: How is everything? Kiddies?

JB: Kids are good. We all had the flu a couple weeks ago, but everyone has recovered perfectly. I got remarried 2 weeks back, so we're all in the transition phase, but so far things are going great.

Me: Kids perfect, I am so happy for that. Marriage? Holy moly! I can’t believe you mentioned a bout of flu before the fact you got married!

JB: Well, I was answering in chronological order. LOL!


In case you haven’t guessed by this exchange, Jonathan was an analyst at CIC. He is still here but has since been promoted.

His household now consists of himself and his wife (Elisabeth), four children (three boys ages 6, 5 and 2; and one girl, age 3), an Australian shepherd, three cats, a rabbit, a hedgehog, a python, two geckos, two chameleons, a salamander, a Pac-Man frog, and various fish.

His wife is a manager at PetSmart, hence the expanded household.

Congratulations, Jonathan!


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